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"Many a creative mind explores other areas beyond

their first gift. In my case, quite by default, I can now

also be called an Artist"...

Hi, I'm Graham Elvis.

Since I was 12, I wanted to be a "Rock Star". 

I played in several bands throughout high school

and then in the early 80's, my rock trio "The

Elvis Brothers" had the good fortune of being

signed to CBS/Portrait Records.  We stayed

together almost 20 years and performed over 2000 shows.

We still have a fan club and are

somewhat "Cult Rock Star" famous.

So, I guess you could say dreams

do come true if you really want it.

I still write music and occasionally perform live. 

So, enough about my music career...

Let's talk about how I came to be called an Artist.

My wife and I had just moved back to Chicago from L.A.

and until we got situated we stored most of our belonging​s

at my cousin's house in Springfield. We found an apartment

shortly thereafter; but, by that time we had unfortunate news that my cousin's house had burned to the ground. We were devastated.

My cousin said only a few things had survived the fire

and that he would bring them to us on the weekend.

One of the things that had survived was an "Art Kit"

that my wife had bought for me as a gift a couple of years before.

I had never even used it.  I looked around at the empty walls in our new home, took out the art kit, picked up a paint brush and painted my first watercolor. It was fun so I painted another and another, then it was on to acrylics.  I found that I had the same passion for art as I do for my music.  The inspiration in both comes from a magic place. 

Then much to my surprise people wanted to buy them.

The rest is history.

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